Vegetarian Salad

103. YUM NOODLE SALAD JAY                                                                             £4.95
Spicy salad with Thai vermicelli noodle,mushrooms and hot and sour dressing

104. YUM TOFU SALAD                                                                                          £4.95
Special spicy tofu vegetarian Thai salad with cashew nuts

105. YUM MANGO SALAD JAY                                                                              £5.50
Special  Thai salad with shredded green mango

106. THAI CONNECTION ‘’SOM-THUM’’ SALAD JAY                                        £5.50
Special Thai salad with green papaya (spicy)

107. LAAB JAY SALAD                                                                                             £5.50
Finely Chopped tofu and mushroom with roseted rice & chill powder and dash of lime juice
108. YUM EGGPLANT SALAD                                                                                £5.50
Charcoal grilled aubergine and pepper with hot and spicy Thai style salad