23. TALAY SALAD                                                                                                    £7.95
Mixed seafood salad Thai style with spicy dressing

24. PHLA KOONG                                                                                                    £6.95
A herbal Thai salad containing grilled king prawns with lemongrass,limleaves and chill paste

25. YUM PED KROB                                                                                                  £7.95
A herbal Thai salad with crispy duck

26. YAM BEEF SALAD                                                                                              £7.50
Spicy beef, Sirioin, saladwith sliced tomato, celery and cucumber

27. YAM NOODLE SALAD                                                                                      £5.95
Hot and spicy noodles with king prawns,squid and minced chicken

28.THAI CONNECTION ‘’SOM-THUM’’ SALAD                                                  £5.95
Special Thai salad with green papaya (traditional dish, very popular amongst Thai)

29. ESARN SLAD                                                                                                     £6.50
Special Thai salad with green papaya with salty baby crab. This version is a true Thai style som-thum

30. THAI ‘’LAAB’’ PHED                                                                                         £6.95
Shredded duck salad with hot and sour dressing

31. THAI ‘’LAAB’’ EASARN                                                                                    £6.50
Minced PORK or CHICKEN cooked with hot and sour dressing

32. YUM CRISPY FISH                                                                                            £6.95
Shredded  crispy  fish  topped  with  green  mango  salad

33. THAI  YUM  MANGO  SALAD                                                                        £6.95
Special  Thai  salad  with  shredded  green  mango and  charcoal  grilled  king  prawns