46. PAD PHET TALAY                                                                                             £8.95
Stir fried mixed seafood with red chill past and sweet basil

47. PAD KOONG ASPARAGUS                                                                             £6.95
Stir fried king prawns with fresh asparagus

48. PAD KOONG SARM ROD                                                                                £6.95
Stir fried king prawns with special three-flavour sauce

49.KOONG ORB GARLIC BUTTER                                                                         £8.95
Steamed large butterfly king prawns with garlic butter and fresh coriander

50. KOONG RAD SAUCE                                                                                         £8.95
Butterfly king prawns cooked with tasty chilli sauce and sherry

51. KING PRAWN TAMARIND                                                                               £8.95
Butterfly king prawns with ginger and tamarind sauce

52. KING PRAWN CURRY POWDER                                                                      £8.95
Butterfly king prawns stir fried with curry powder

53. PAD ''KHA'' THAI CONNECTION                                                                     £6.95
Stir fried galangai, lime leaves, lemongress, shredded baby coconut and dash
of lime sauce including red chilli paste (very tasty, highly recommended)

Mixed Seafo                                        £8.95 King Prawn                                    £6.95
Squid                                                  £6.50 Mussels                                           £6.50