1. MIXED STARTER - min 2 persons                                                                      £11.95
A delightful platter, special choice of delicious five different starter

2. KING PRAWN ROTI                                                                                            £6.95
King prawn topped with a delicious peanut sauce served on flat bread

3. KOONG POW                                                                                                       £6.95
Charcoal grilled butterfly king prawn with garlic butter , served with a spicy sauce

4. SPICY THAI                                                                                                           £6.95
Homemade thai style sausage , made from minced pork and secret ingredients

5. PRAWN TEMPURA                                                                                               £5.95
Deep fried king prawn tempura served with sweet sauce

6. POH – PHIA TORD                                                                                               £4.95
Deep fried spring rolls

7. PRAWNSPRINGROLLS                                                                                        £5.50
Deep fried prawn spring rolls,served with a sweet sauce

8. HOI OBB                                                                                                                £6.95
Steamed mussels with lemongrass and holy basil in Thai style sauce

9. HOI PAD                                                                                                                £6.95
Stir fried mussels with Thai chilli paste and sweet basil