Vegetarian Main Dishes

109. VEGATARIAN SIZZLING                                                                                 £6.95
stir fried tofu with spring onion and sesame oil

110. TOFU KRA-POW                                                                                               £4.95
Stir fried with fresh chill and Thai holy basil

111. TOFU KHING                                                                                                    £4.95
Stir fried tofu with fresh ginger and spring onions

112. TOFU SWEET & SOUR                                                                                      £4.95
Stir fried tofu with Thai style sweet and sour sauce

113. TOFU CASHWE NUTS                                                                                      £5.50
Stir fried tofu with cashew nut and roasted chilli

114. PUD CHICK PEAS                                                                                             £5.50
Stir fried chick peas with Thai red curry

115. THAI GREEN CURRY JAY                                                                                 £5.95
Spicy Thai green curry in vegetarian style with tofu

116. THAI RED CURRY JAY                                                                                      £5.95
Red Thai curry with mixed vegetables with tofu

117. THAI KEANG PAR JAY                                                                                     £5.95
Very hot Thai red curry (without coconut milk) cooked with holy basil, Thai vegetables and herbs

118. THAI KEANG CHU CHEE JAY                                                                          £5.95
Mixed vegetable and tofu in batter, topped with a dry curry sauce
119. MASAMAN JAY                                                                                                 £5.95
Traditional Thai masaman curry in vegetarian style (with tofu and vegetable )