Vegetarian Noodle And Rice

120. PAD THAI NOODLES JAY                                                                                £5.95
Thai style stir fried rice stick noodle with ground peanuts, tofu and bean sprouts

121. PAD SE-EW JAY                                                                                                  £5.95
Stir fried noodle with egg, tofu, green vegetables and black bean sauce

122. PAD NOODLE KIMAL JAY                                                                                £5.50
Stir fried noodles with fresh chilli, tofu, whisky and holy basil

123. PAD PLAIN NOODLE                                                                                        £4.95
stir fried egg noodles with bean sprouts and green vegetables

124. THAI KHO PAD JAY                                                                                          £5.50
Stir fried rice with vegetable, cashew nuts and tofu in vegetarian style