Vegetarian Starters

94.  VEGETARAIN  MIXED  STARTERS                                                                 £10.95
Chaf’s selection  of  five  different  vegetarian  starters ( min 2 persons )

95. VEGETABLE  TEMPURA                                                                                     £4.95
Deep  fried  vegetables  in  batter  served  with  sweet  sauce

96. SPRING  ROLL  JAY                                                                                            £4.95
Deep  fried  vegetarian  spring  rolls

97. SPICY  CORN  CAKES                                                                                        £4.95
A  mixture  of  sweet  corn  and  mashed  potato  with  chilli  paste  and  herbs

98. DEEP  FRIED  TOFU                                                                                            £4.95
Deep  fried  tofu  served  with  sweet  and  ground  peanut  sauce

99. MEE-GROB  JAY                                                                                                  £4.95
Special  coated  sweet  crispy  noodles

100.ROTI  HED                                                                                                          £5.95
Mushroom  cooked  in a spicy peanut  sauce  on  a bed  of  butter  bread